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call mii alition or alisonious.

7 May
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i = hate telephones and assholes//smart-asses//prudes//common senseless people and love [ ♬ ]. my favorite season is autumn mostly because of the fashion bwa ha ha ha.

i = was born in vancouver, canada but my parents are both cantonese (chinese) so i'm pretty confused about myself. xD

i = speak fluent english, slightly fluent cantonese + not as fluent mandarin, "otaku japanese", and not much french.

i = read manga in my free time. some favorite series of animanga of mine are gakuen alice, bleach, death note, ouran high school host club, axis powers hetalia, kuroshitsuji and that's about all i can think of @tm.

i = am single but i'm currently crushing on someone ❤

✄ - - the icons for the moods in my journal are from http://bibi1004.com - - - - -

icons = do like to make icons in my free time... if you'd like to see them, click on icons tag of my journal.

life = for people who have an interest in my life, click on the life and school tags for those entries.
anime, autumn, manga, sunshine, winter fashion.